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June 28, 2012

Luna June 2012

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Our little luna is now 6 months old. Has learned to bark at 7:15, and enjoys a cudle on the sofa…

January 30, 2012


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Luna arrrived at the muller house hold at 30 Jan  2012, she was born 9 Dec 2011. 4 kg on arrival, and 7 weeks old.


July 28, 2010


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Hi muller families computer is struck down with a virus that seems to close various windows and applications as soon as they open. Virus scanners do not see this virus so for now the machine is in quarantine. We can only use the pods for email now… Blog is likely to be suspended again

July 21, 2010

Family has been here for 7 weeks…

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Hi to all

The Muller blog has been a bit neglected… terrible, but than family live is somewhat more hectic than that of a bachelor who’s only duty was to appear for dinner…

There is quite a bit to catch up on: a happy reunion at 5 am, some days in the Twin Towers, a trip to the Commissioner’s Office, A Holiday in the Mudumalai national park and a tea estate, purchase of Indian dress and attendance of an Indian marriage, a trip to the largest monolith in the world, visits to hoysala temples, and most recently a visit of MorFar and Mormor (annika’s parents Swedish names for grandmum/dad). So thats not bad for just 7 weeks!

So, you will have to bear with me for I am going to split this in to a couple of posts. In this section, just a couple of notes that relate to day to day live (photo’s). The airport photo’s were terrible (it was 5 am…). Everybody on the plane went to bed at the first opportunity, but the kids remained bright and cheerful throughout. On trying to go to bed in full morning light A realised the mistake. We did manage a couple of hours before we ended up in the pool. The first couple of weeks HnB swam every day. The waterfal was a big hit.


The kids and annika also did some shopping, and appropriate Indian attire were purchased to match my outfit (see Soiree Indiene). We were keen for the kids to meet up with some Indian kids and have been looking at dance classes. They dont do things in halves here, the classes run every day, including Sat and Sunday…  A dedicated lot. In the end we opted for a weekend class that is given in the Twin Towers it self. By the way, H thinks that the two towers named Alpha and Omega refers to the names of two brothers.

First Temple Visit was at Nandi hills (see previous post) and so were the first monkeys. A, H&B went on their own (well, driven by Kumar), and enjoyed a nice day out. Views are terrific, and the monkeys keen on your ice creams…persistent as well. A kind Indian chap chased them away when they started pulling B’s trousers down. All very exiting! The temple made a big impact. More on temple visits later, it warrants a section on its own.

Finally, we had a day out with an Indian colleague and friend (also A, just to confuse you). We visited her house, which is near MallesWarem, so we nipped into MW for a bit of a look see and a real south Indian meal served on a banana leave. A. demonstrated to us the art of Aipan or Ragoli. In order to ensure yours is and remains a happy house, each morning a symmetrical pattern is drawn out on the doorstep.

Note, many Indians get up at 5 am, so have more time on their hands in the morning before work, also see a bit more sun that way I suppose. A usually has done her Aipan, cooked and washed before we even think.

“Malleswaram Meander”

May 17, 2010

“Missed” Opportunity

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I could have been in Coorg… but chose to stay in. The old man was tripped out and needed a break. Played squash with S. Badly beaten by a youngster not even half my age… there is no shame in that, and I did make him sweat!

Popped into town to buy a pressy for P. He’s going back a bit earlier than planned, which is a pitty really. Got him a lungi hope to get him in it before he leaves!

Went to the gym both on sat and sun day!! I have figured out how to make it somewhat bearable. On the ski thing you can actually move and groove. Put on some jazzy beat (marcus miller has a good BPM; try it) and rather than train just have a bit of a bob. 16 min is over in a flash! Does not work so well on the rower.

May 10, 2010

Fearsome Four in Kerala

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Friday afternoon 2 pm of we go to Kerala (photos). Another trip organised by The Master. We went to Cherai beach, its sort of in the middle of a line that stretches from Mumbai to Kanyakumari (the tip). Lovely little rooms, one “hut” per room. P snores, but not as much as I do :-) .

We were keen to get a boat trip so took an auto. FIRST AUTO ride! He took us to the boat, or rather boats that were moored at the fish market!! Friendly people, loads of Fish but no boat for rent. One helpful soul pointed us in the direction of the boat we could go on, so we ended up at the ferry port…

Took the ferry, so on the water at last. Ended up of the other side, which was pretty much the same as where we had just come from. Hung a round for a bit, tried to ask small crowd of Indians if we could rent a boat, even a fishing boat, and one of them know where to go. So down a narrow path, through a boat yard to a major catholic church dedicated to St Tomas, one of the 12 that apparently ended up in Kerala, and the reason there is much catholicism around there. Building was an not all together to esthetically pleasing affair with loads of Saintly sculptures standing in a semi circle at 4 m above sea level.

Moored in front of the church… a boat for rent. Apparently the St Tom arrived on a boat, and for that reason the tend to have a jetty near the church. So we hopped on and had our hour of sailing, to be dropped of on the other side just at the ice factory next to the fish market.

Drank some beer, ate Finger chips and had some lovely grilled prawns. No coconut though… not as abundant here compared to the south?

In the morning P and I went for a dip in the big pond. The waves are quite high, 3ish meter, and the beach drops down very sharply. Quite impressive really. Had a nice natter in German with an Indian doctor who studied if Deutschland. Every three sentences we had to break for the wave.  He had a good wave avoidance scheme. Where I tended to jump up, to keep the head over the wave, he dived through the bottom before it broke. Definitely the way to do it, but you do need to accept that 3 m of water role over you.

Got a bit carried away and ended up being washed ashore legs first by a 7th wave (you know, the ones that are bigger). Manage to sweep up a small group of Indians in the process. P was most amused


Fish (try it as a desktop background)


May 2, 2010

Nandi Hills

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If you want to see monkeys, go to Nandi Hills. 5 of us went for the day, its only ~2hrs from BG, and spend a relaxed day pottering about on the top of the hill. There is not an lot to admire, although there is a pleasant garden, and a sizable playground; enough to draw large crowds of Indians though (some Pictures).

Nandi Hills, well a hill really  has a similar geography as Hampi, big lumps of granite just appear out of the otherwise  dutch landscape (without the water and ditches:-)). This particular one is a bit higher than the others at ~1500m over sea level.

I found these large granite hills very imposing, and fascinating. The geology of this kind of rock is  actually quite simple. In essence, karnataka is a plateau or “craton” that has been the centre of a tectonic plate since the plates solidified (starting about 4500 million years ago). The Karnataka craton has been extensively intruded by granites (ca. age 2600 to 2500 million years old! Simon, have a look here for an interesting 3 component system). These intrusions are like veins of granite in the older rock and can be compared with the blue in Stilton.

The plane, at about 1000m over sea level now, has been steadily rising over the millions of years, and the heavy rainfall has slowly eroded the surface of the craton, levelling it completely with soil. The granite “intrusions” where much harder than the original craton rock, and remained as hills now sticking out over the eroded landscape. In cheesy terms, the white of the Stilton was worn away, leaving the blue as raised humps in an otherwise flat landscape. A 500m high hump mind…

(more info: Indian geology, Karnataka)

Nandi Hill

View from Nandi Hill: More Granite hills in the eroded planes. Notice the two little lumps in the front followed by the large one in the centre of the picture, they'll be the same "vein of bleu"

April 30, 2010

Going Ethnic

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Ok, here it is, ethnic Muller and the Bengalurus. Great evening with Fantastic performanced all off a very different nature.Tried to take a picture with just the engineers, but the moment a photo opportunity was spoted, half the department jumped in, and it ended up as the night watch.

Oh, and it appears that Indian man do the dancing, rather than the women… As luck will have it, their danced involve a lot of arm movement, so me flapping me arms about went largely unnoticed. No evidence of that I’m afraid.

The Night Watch

April 28, 2010

Namaste; Ek, do, theen

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Not really talked about my man on the balcony jet. Radesh (pronounced Radish) lives in the apartment, or rather in a room of the kitchen balcony. R looks after the house and me… He’s a very good cook, does seem to generally keep the place tidy and leaves my toiletries alone… that’s a step forward compared to the previous chap who would repack the wash-bag every time you left stuff out. Unfortunately, R does has mastered only English words, not grammar. So the mornings conversations are somewhat limited.. “Toast?”, “Dinner Sir”, “coffee?”. He has mastered the knack of giving words a question mark.

So, started Hindi… found a “wiki book” on it. long way to go…

Danjebad is thank you, well that’s a start..

Numbers are somewhat similar to ours, and that’s basically because we adopted them via the arabs…:

Have a look here for more info on the history of our numerals! The number 1 to 9 had symbols similar to ours a long time ago, but it was not till 500ad that 0 or “kha” was introduced. The alphabet is mighty complex, and I will be taking my time to get used to that.

April 27, 2010

Finkelstein Frogs

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recorded 1:40 am…. ffrogs

April 24, 2010

Another sunny day

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The weather in Bangalore has started to follow a pattern, or rather, I am getting aware of it. In the morning a bright blue sky. Breakfast has now relocated from the dining table to the terrace. Buying a coffee pot was a real enabler. Its a cool 28 to 31 C, and a light breeze blows around the Breary towers. Birds make a right racket, and there seems to be a little kingfisher that also has its home here.

FLM in (or rather after) action

E and S

P at rest

P at rest







.In week days, thats about all you see from the whether, as on returning at 6 to 6:30pm the lights have gone out. In the weekends, its however a different ballgame all together. The beds are rather hard, so by 9 am one tends to be so stiff that you might as well get up. The morning exercise is shared (shared pain is double the pain….) This time I include some proof of activity. (photos) unfortunately, I was holding the camera so no evidence of me in action other than in the pool…You can see E on the courts though.

Coffee day

After hard work we deserve our Hour of sun, so at 12 its getting a bit toasty. P and I tend to spend an hour or so in the sun to get at least a hint of colour. Been here a month now, and still as pale as a milk bottle. We tend to skip lunch, and hopped into town for a potter. Now to potter around the local market between 2 and 4, it gets sticky.  How ever as luck will have it, the starbucks trend has also hit BG, albeit its an indianised (??) version: Coffee day. Excellent coffee, though I’m not totally sold on coffee with somosa’s and “paneer tandoori” sandwiches. There are a couple more photos on the “Malleswaram Meander” (see previous post)

The Copper  Cad (or “koperen ploert” for those who speak The Language) burns relentlessly till about 5pm, and then some clouds appear. By 6 the winds start to blow and come 7pm its hosing it down. Not just a drizzle, no proper rain, bit of lightning and than its night. very civilised really.

PS I discovered the spell check function… A good day for those not enjoying the “typo’s”

April 18, 2010

Out with E and P

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Veeery lazy morning woke up at 7, than 10:30. Did a bit of lazy podding in bed, and concluded Airtraffic would not allow SMT to travel. Pitty after all the effort people made here. Also, cant wear my new outfit…so no picture I am afraid

Off to town to do a bit of shopping. Now proud owner of a short Kurta (with out bottoms!) pure cotton. lovely feel to it. Also bought a tea pot and some glasses for my green tea, very refreshing on a hot day. Had a good look around one of the bigger malls, interesting to see that things here are not realy that much cheaper then in UK/NL.

Service is cheaper, food and eating out are, but western goods like shampoo and conditioner are dear. I bought some 2 in 1 shampoo… here this is shampoo+oil (3 different types!), so still had to get some conditioner :-) .

Visited commercial street for the first time, a sort of indian version of a high street. Shops tend to be one room wide, several high, but pack in the same anount of stuff you would find in a small department store.

Got back at 4pm, more swimming in the sun, played with BnJ’s kids on the blow up mini airbeds I had brought here for the kids. they have prooven to be a bit of an asset.  Squash and badminton (still cant take it serious). Beat E this time. All had supper in my apt. Reddish is a reasonable cook. I only eat veg at home though plenty of meat when you go and eat out.

Note: I discussed a book by  Kazuo Ishiguro called never let me go with RK and VR one night last week when we went out for dinner. The story is facinating as it is about people that are considerred of no use to society, other than the reason they were created(cloned) for…organ donation. It has some resonance with what used to be called the untouchables. Especially the  total aceptence of the clones with their faith…there purpose in life was to “complete” and this went without question….

April 17, 2010

Peace and quiet

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Met D and J we had a nice chat and discovered asimov as a mutual intrest.

Been in the gym… 140bpm after 2min on the langlauf machine managed 5 before V wisked me away to play badminton; his young kids came as well are very nice and polite. Got some tips from driver E to improve my game.

Rest of the day spend pottering about. Bought etnic suit for smt visit not sure they will make it though… Bit of Islandic dust I believe. Poor iceland first the bank now a vulcano. Went into bg, “Malleswaram Meander” a very nice Market lots of tiny shops, vena makers. Bought some snacks and spinning tops.

On the way back  we drove past the “Big Bazaar”. A sort of indian aldi. Plastic crap at the ground floor, food at the top floor, and god no what in between.  Bought some anti grease spray. Kitchen is an absolute disgrace, training up Reddish in the art of cleaning… up hill battle…

Note first time in three weeks I ‘ve been out on my own. End of the day in the pool. Sun warmth water very peaceful first time I got some tan time

April 13, 2010

IA Departure

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After 3 weeks IA has left the building, or Bangalore rather. We celebrated with dinner in the GoldFinch. The sea food platter for starters was fantastic. E had no communication issues this time :-) . Its been good to share the place with him, play squash, be defeated in badminton, drink more than usual (but than you need liquor in 30 C) and see more of india in two weeks that a life time before (well, half a life one hopes).

Eating Dosa on your own is not quite the same; Thanks Ian, it was good fun.

Anyway, we’re moving on, as D and family have arrived. Introductions tomorrow…

April 12, 2010


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In the ongoing entertainment of Dr IA, the “warehouse of knowledge” PC organised a trip to mysore for a day. P and I were riding along on the back of IA and had a great time. So a 7 am start, 2-3 hrs in the car and there we were. S, who lived in Mysore for a long time had organised a full agenda (below). We all realy enjoyed the day, but in the car at 7:30 pm and rolled into bed by 11 pm… no problem sleeping that night.

  • Ranganathittu Wildlife Sanctuary (my photos)

    Taking off

    In many ways the highlite of the day, if only because we were not expecting it. The sanctuary housescolonies of a wide range of birds. We saw spoonbills, open bill storks, painted storks, white Ibis, little cormorants and egrets. (plus a number we dont know.

    The santuary is set up very nicely, with a park along the shore of the lake, and small rowing boats that take you close to the birds… and crocodiles. If you look carfully at some of the photos with the bamboo you will see fruitbats hanging in large colonies. Also called Mega Bat; when they fly they are enormous (80-100cm wingspan)

  • The Summer papalce of the Tipu Sultan, the tiger of Mysore
    The story of the sultan, and his father Haider Ali is interesting. Father and son concered most of south India, but lost in the end to the English, and the rest is history. Interesting fact: Tipu and Ali pioneerd the use of solid fuel missiles in warefare.The summer palace is very interesting, but cameras are not allowed. Interesting to see the structure though. Big foundations like seen in Hampi, with a totally wooden super structure. I imagine that the houses/palaces in Hampi where very similar in design
  • Chamundeshwari Temple (my photo’s)

    1000's of lights

    There is a photo of this in the Mysore photos’s, but there are only so many ways you can shoot a gopuram against a blue sky… The location mis fantastic though.  Its ontop of a hill that rises very rapidly out of the planes with no neighbouring hills. So fantastic views, unfortunately it became a bit hazy.Also note the enourmous Nandi on the way down. Its carved from a single boulder the size of a house

  • Mysore palace (my photo’s)
    Enourmous, build by the british for the maharadja of Mysore. During the reign of the Haider Ali and his son Mysore was all but destroyed. After the british reinstated the Wodeyar maharadja’s they created this enourmous Palace early in the 20th century. Designed by an english architect, made of Glasgow cast iron pillars; it is a bit “styles galore” with elements of Hindo, muslim, gotic and  jugendstyle. Much of the building seems to be a little over the top, but one is never the less impressed by the sheer scale of it all. No photo’s allowed inside, so no details. you had to be there really.
    The sunset pictures where a bit of a challenge for those with a point and push camera, and we where all playing with the various night view options when suddenly the 1000′s of lights came on. A fairytail come true. Note, last time I saw something like it was in the evening parade in disney world Paris….

April 10, 2010

Saturday Torture, then Pleasure

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Brearies has a sport facility, yet to see the gym (mmm), but today we are testing out the squash and badmenton courts. E has set up a sort of saturday morning club with a range of people that attend the weekly torture sessions. I did far to much, and could hardly walk by the end. Rigor mortis set in pretty much instantaneous, and lasted for at least 2 days..

After torture, sunbading and some paddling in the pool. S and S are learning to swim, which is very brave. P is the main teacher. he’s very patient. HnB’s floaties that I took to lighten the load for their journey, came in quite handy

Whats coming next? Zip it, write it down

Lunch in the chairmans club. E’s managed to become a member by virtue of giving generous tips. Nice food, and a pleasant out side covered terrace. only snacks, as we decided to go out for dinner.

Dinner was quite amusing as well. “Costaal express” (no typo!), a fish restaurant. Ordering was a little chaotic, as the difference between a starter and a mains dependent on whether you order the fish fried (4 starter) or as a curry (4 mains). At one point E tried to get the waiter to explain what else was coming by writing it down. “zip it, write it down” after saying that a couple of times the chap finally wrote something down. As he showed it, E was lost for words for the first time. He’d drawn a fish :-) . We had a good laugh. P is very keen on tandoori Pomfrit, a river fish. I tried a bit, very nice.

April 6, 2010

Eat, Play and Chat

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Dinner with POC. again, very nice food. Naan bread seems a lot thinner than in the UK, more of an oversized chapati really. Colleagues frequently ask wether the food is OK. The order of Hydrabadi chicken was contentious, as it can be spicy.So far not a single bad experience, but then sambal on cucumber is probably good training. Standard beer comes as 650 mL Kingfisher beer

Talked about sports, Cricket is ofcourse played by all at some level (except me ofcourse). But Breary’s sport facilities are often used by visitors of E and Co, and the place is a good opportunity for fitness and sports play. There are people with a WRT here… Leave it to you to work out what that means

Communication is verbal here. Mobiles are used to locate fiends and colleagues alike, and even if there is no time, there is time for banter.

April 4, 2010


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Gopuram of the Shiva temple in Hampi

Week finished early (Good Friday is a national holliday here as well). All in its been interesting. Chatted with anybody who was willing to have a chat and that is most of the people here.

E and P are off to Kerela this weekend, so E suggested we visit Hampi over the weekend. Hampi is 12 km north of Hospet, and hospet is 300km north west of BG. That should be a 6 hr ride. So we (IA, and two indian chaps (SS and JKK) set off on friday morning. Stopped off after 3 hours for a potte

r around a large fort in Chitradurga (click on link for pictures). Nice introduction to the scale of 15th century buildings in India. Also spotted my first monkey there.

Continued our journey and got to Hospet just after lunch… unfortunately we hit a major trafic jam with hundreds of lorries (Indian style; must take some pictures of them).  These where waiting to be loaded with Iron ore from the mines. Got totally stuck and had to detour 70km via Kampli, which took us the best part of 3 hrs… Upside of this was a fantastic tour of rural india, rice paddies, a whole range of huouse types, and lots of people. The scenery was georgeous with dramatic hills made from huge granite boulders, the size of  houses.

Ganesh has a rat as a "vehicle"

So Hampi on day 2. It was fantastic. have a look at the pictures, but they wont convey the sheer scale of things. Hampi was an extremely prospoperous city in the 14/15th century with 1.5 milion inhabitants. It was ransacked by the moguls who after some destruction and looting left it for dead. It remained until 300 year later it was redicovered by the english.

Wasu our guide told us enough of the history to get a feel for the various temples, but the two indian chaps that travelled with us where very knowledgeable on the stories and figures that where displayed. Key to decoding some of the statues and images are that Vishnu has three vertical stripes on his forehead, and Shiva has three horizontal (three are reminders of death and scrifice). There is also Rama who tends to be displayed with large pectoral muscles, and a bow. Ganesh the elefant god is known by many, and he seems to be the one who helps with the beginning of adventures and projects. Each deity has a “vehicle” Shiva has a bull (Nandi) and for Ganesh it is a small rat.

We drove/climbed a hill for sunset. stunning views some of which could have been on Mars. Red boulders everywhere

Nextday, set of for home early. Nodelays, just in time to have a game of squash with IA.

March 30, 2010

First Impressions

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First line of this blog!
Arrived at 1am in the appartment, have a nice room. KT had this room last week, so its fair to say, that I am kipping in the bosses bed…

I woke up to see the sun, which is no different to last weekend, except that THE SUMMER HAS STARTED! Beautiful sunshine, 30 odd C. I took some pictures which I will load tomorrow(Breary Appartment and grounds photos). Grounds look very nice. with squash/badminton courts undergound! The expats have a bit of a drive on and fitness seems to figure in it, as does swimming lessons for the local indian team members!

IT was sorted in ten min, simply plugging in the lap top. Even in bangalore, the indian silicon valley or the IT equivalent of bollywood,  they where surprised to see how quick that had gone! At home, bits and bobs are being sorted. Had the first Skype session with Annika and the kids which worked fantastic.

A meal out with The site and technology manager. Fab restaurant. Note to self: Do not keep eating the starters,  they will be supplied endlessly.. and then there is still the main course to follow


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