Barton's first year
Frans Muller
Annika Muller Wager

20/05 just before....
21/05 (1 day)
2/07 (6wks) Cloggs fit
9/07 (~7wks): in baby chair, a springy thing in which he can sit/lie at a 45degree angle. Kids really liked this
22/08 (~12 wks): in baby bjorn for a walk in the dales, other photos show he can clearly hold his head up at this age
7/9 (H~2.5 year;B:14 wks) still fits in bucket...Barton is also happy in it Also, bean bag is usefull for feeding when sitting in a comfy chair


  14/9: (15 wks) first time I SEE A BOTTLE IN A PHOTO
3/10 (4.5 months)definitely eating solids now!
22/11 (6 mnt) Sits independent
23/12 (7mnt) Happily in the trip-trap
24/1 (8mnts) He Stands!
5/3 (9.5 mnths) He Walks
20/03 (10 months) In the back pack
6/06 1 year...and you can put them to work!!