Here are two KIJKDOZEN

For footbal fans: Voetbal kijkdoos  
en voor kinderen met andere intresses: Vosje-muisje Kijk doos

Kijk dozen are made from an old shoe box. follow the instructions below:

  1. make a hole in the center of one smaller sides (about 1cm diameter)
  2. take the lid of, and make a couple of larger holes in it, or cut out shapes
    cover hole top with colored, but transparent/lucent paper
  3. Cut out the end panel, the two side panels and the bottom panel.
    fit to the shoe box and glue in. Watch out sometimes the sides have a left and a right
  4. Cut out all the figures, or at least the ones you want
    Fold the glue flap (green) to a 90 degree angle and glue in position of the bottom
    (or side if so designed). Note the figures are sorted in ones that go near the end of the box, in the middle and the front. This aids the perspective
  5. Glue loads of things on the outside to decorate the box,
  6. Put the lid on, and peep through the hole, 
your kijkdoos is ready! ENJOY!